Sarah's first introduction to Yoga was at the age of 9, when she learned the art of "rolling around on the floor" from her grandmother who practiced Hatha Yoga at home with a private teacher. Her mother bought her her first yoga book just a few years later, and so her self-practice began. She eventually earned her Hatha Yoga teacher training Level 1 in 2012 and since then she has taught yoga classes in Thailand, Bali and Hawaii. Since moving back to Canada from Hawaii in 2017, she's finally stepping back into the studio to help heal and guide others on this journey. ​ When she's not in the yoga studio, she's either searching for the next surf session, creating art or continuing her studies of yoga and Ayurveda. She's currently completing an Ayurvedic Counselor program.

Sarah's classes are inspired by a personal life practice of Sivananda yoga and Astanga yoga, as well as her training in Hatha yoga. "My classes mimick the rising and setting of the sun, the journey of life and death. We begin in savasana, then move upward, and finish in savasana. This class is aimed toward helping us reach balance in mind, body and soul."



In each class we will target breath, flow, alignment and mental focus. The class begins with a warm up flow, followed by a focus on grounding standing poses, and finishing with a long relaxing savasana. My hope for each class is to leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and balanced in mind, body and spirit.  Spring 2019

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Drop-in : $15