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Michele discovered yoga in 2000, and knew it was a life changing practice from her very first class. Over the years, she has practiced many different styles and trained with many influential teachers; and while her passion for yoga never changed, she started to notice aches and pains creeping into her body from particular yoga postures or certain repetitive movements. Her curiosity led her to begin studying biomechanics to better understand human movement, and this opened up a whole new world for her.

Today, her classes blend the mindfulness of yoga with functional, whole body movement - building sustainable movement habits on and off the mat. Her classes are heavily influenced by the teachings of Coeli Marsh, Hart Lazer, Katy Bowman, Jules Mitchell and Dr Andreo Spina.

ALIGN & REFINE YogaThursdays  7:30-8:30 pm

New session starting April 5- May 31

This fun and challenging class is meant to get you moving in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on developing better body awareness, building strength and increasing mobility of the under-used parts of your body.

Full 9 week program, $100 *best deal!

Drop-in rate: $15

**7 class option :$90

If you plan on attending as many as possible, but would like the flexibility to miss up to two classes, you can choose this option, as long as the classes are taken between April 5th - May 31st, 2018

Free your Feet!  Sunday, May 27th, 1-3pm

Despite the fact that our feet carry us everywhere, we rarely pay them any attention unless they cause us pain or discomfort. Even in the absence of pain, a lifetime of shoe wearing 

can bind our feet into an un-natural shape and decrease function over time.


Join Michele Banfield, Certified Yoga Instructor and Restorative Exercise Specialist(TM), in a 2-hour exploration of our feet, incorporating experiential anatomy, exercises to strengthen our feet, and a discussion of how lifestyle habits, shoe selection and overall body alignment can contribute to foot, knee and hip issues. You'll leave with a new found awareness and admiration for your hard-working feet!


Cost: $40, email Michele to register