LEAH PARSONS (MEd Counselling)

Leah found herself on a yoga mat after experiencing acute emotional trauma. She was able to find moments of peace on the mat that she could not find elsewhere. Her exploration led her to the path of wanting more. The natural path unfolded and Leah graduated from Yogaheart Teacher Training as a Certified Yoga Instructor.

The emphasis in her class is on gentle yoga with chakra inspired themes to help explore the inner dynamics of the mind/body connection.

Being in Your Body - A Gentle Yoga Class for all Levels, 

Sunday 7-8:15 pm  *changing to 6-7:15pm as of March 11

This class is designed for anyone seeking a connection to a mind/body oneness. By creating a safe space to connect to our mind/body we can find peace within. When we experience disconnect, trauma, and/or stress, the mind, body and spirit are in need of healing. Gentle mindful postures allow us to move energy that can sometimes become 'trapped' emotions in parts of our body and therefore result in physical pain. Yoga, sometimes referred to as 'moving meditation', allows participants to 'Just Be' rather than getting caught up in the cycle of memories from the past or fears of the future.

Price : Any Donation is Welcome 

All proceeds will go towards the Rehtaeh Parsons Society
contact : Leah@rehtaehparsons.ca