- Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

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Julia is passionate about yoga. "For me, it’s like coming home to myself. It provides a sense of being whole and encourages a focus within". Julia has taught for 5 years and has been training in the Iyengar style for 11 years. In joining the collective of teachers at Dartmouth Yoga Centre, she brought her enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity for yoga practice, and her rope wall! She understands how yoga can help students achieve a release of memories stored in the body, allowing them to really be present. She says it’s like waking up: "those aha moments are precious". She elaborates: "the inner journey of yoga can be like taking a miner’s lamp inside yourself to explore. While you are looking for yourself - your soul - in the depths, and shining your light within, light can reach you too". Julia wants a whole new paradigm for how we can be in life. She wants people to live well and age well, and to hold the light. 


Focusing on Standing poses to create strength, balance and stamina, students will gain a knowledge of the postures as they are experienced in the body, mind and spirit. With regular attendance, students will notice improvements in stability, strength and mobility, and perhaps increased joy :)

MEN’S YOGA - Monday 7:45-9pm  By special request! A men’s Iyengar yoga class designed for 7 participants. The class is taught progressively with new asanas (postures) added as the weeks proceed. Participants will develop a heightened awareness of their bodies, how to create and practise on their own in between classes. Julia will assist each person in attaining their optimal asanas. 
“Yoga does not happen with force. You have to adopt the discipline gradually”
-Geeta Iyengar

IYENGAR LEVEL I/II  - Friday 11:45-1pm 

The classes evolve progressively through each 6 week cycle beginning with standing poses, twists, inversions and seated poses. Attention is given to stability, mobility and strength. Props may be used to correct alignment and to facilitate learning during class. 

For all classes:
6 class pass: $108

12 classes $180


Please contact Julia directly for start dates any further questions
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