Jayne discovered Yoga during high school when a friends mother lent her a very old copy of "Lilias, Yoga and You" by Lilias Folan. She found it amazing how the postures could affect your mind and body in all different ways! At that age of 17 she joked to herself that she would be a Yoga teacher one day... But first, she would go completely against that inner thought and join the Army, completing a tour of duty to Afghanistan in 2006 which would change her life and alter her perception of the world. She realized she wanted to serve the world but in a way that is peaceful and compassionate.

This led her to take her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Rama Lotus Yoga Center in 2008. She lived in the Army town of Petawawa, Ontario where Yoga was unheard of but desperately needed. 

Shortly after she completed her YTT, she released from the Army and taught Yoga exclusively. Since then, she has taught Yoga in countless places from dance schools to coffee shops, and to many demographics including soldiers and newly landed immigrants. 

Though trained in Hatha Yoga, her teaching has gradually moved towards a Vinyasa Flow style over the years, as she loves the energy a flow class creates in the body. 

Jayne believes that to create peace in the world we have to start from within and let that light radiate outward. Yoga is a way for us to tap into that inner light, and surround ourselves with like-minded people, creating community. Her classes and teaching reflect these heart centered beliefs, are fun and energetic with a dash of make-you-think! 



Saturdays, 10:00-11:00,  ALL LEVELS FLOW

In this all levels class we will link our breath to our bodies through dynamic movement.  We use themes as a way to anchor ourselves to our practice as we flow through a variety of standing and seated postures. Modifications are given, and listening to what your body needs is encouraged. This class is inclusive, welcoming and warm! Join us, and give to yourself while giving back to your community at the same time! 

$5 donation. 

*Currently all proceeds will go to the Dartmouth Shelter Society

Please email yogajayne@live.ca with any questions you may have. No registration required. 

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