Helen took her first yoga class in a large group in a large room in Ottawa some 34 years ago.  Somewhere at the back of the class, where no teacher could see her, she was hurt in an unprepared forward bend.  Undeterred, she purchased a few yoga videos, and began her yoga journey on her own with the intention of learning yoga to prepare her body for skating, running and other sports. Through this process, and several additional injuries later, her lesson learned was that yoga is not just about doing physical postures and stretches, but rather a way of being.   

After completing her Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) and Kripalu certification, she went on to study Yoga for Osteoporosis, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reis, Yoga as Medicine with Dr. Timothy McCall M.D., Chair/Senior Yoga with her pal Jean Short. Helen continues to upgrade her knowledge on anatomy and physiology for both yoga and her RA certification with the International Aromatherapy Registration Council. Helen now lives in Dartmouth with her husband and their dog. Together they have raised 4 kids in this beautiful part of Nova Scotia. 


Having taught Kripalu Yoga since 2006, she has a great appreciation for the many benefits it has brought to her life. She holds a firm belief that yoga can be for anyone, no matter what age or physical ability.  With emphasis on alignment, all postures can be modified to allow each person to go to where their body needs to go – in that time, in that moment.  “Life is stressful enough, we don’t need to work against ourselves or compete with anyone in a yoga class”.  Her favourite saying is that “There is No Pathway to Happiness, Happiness IS THE PATHWAY”.


KRIPALU YOGA - ALL LEVELS with Helen, Thursday 7:20-8:30 pm

Oct. 6th - Nov. 24th

This class is suitable for those who have previous yoga experience.  You will be guided into each posture with instructions for each movement.  If you haven't done yoga for some time, but are familiar with your body and its limitations, then, this is the class for you.  How deep you go into a pose is up to your body’s needs in that moment.  Alignment is emphasized along the way, and we will sometimes be holding postures, but please come out of a posture if your body needs to.  We will also be doing some vinyasa (flow) from posture to posture.  

All ages, all body types, all levels, All welcome.

8 week package : $96

Drop-in : $14

Contact Helen directly here to register or with any further inquiries. 

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