Erin Lecky is a level 1 iRest teacher as well as a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200). She holds a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is interested in combining ancient Eastern teachings with modern Western Psychology. iRest unifies wisdom from the East with science from the West which is why she loves it so much! Erin became interested in Buddhism and yoga philosophy while living and travelling in Korea, Japan, Bali and India. She came to know the life-enriching benefits of yoga and meditation during retreats in Asia and she’s been a student of spirituality ever since. During one retreat in particular she had an AH-HA moment revealing that healing takes place first through the body - not simply the mind as traditional talk therapy has us believe - as we learn to open to trauma stored in our tissues since childhood. This altered her course from a psychotherapy focus to a more somatic and full-person approach including connecting with the aspect of ourselves that is beyond harm and is always healthy, perfect and whole. After living abroad for over ten years, Erin returned home to Nova Scotia several years ago and has rekindled her love for the province. Since returning, she’s also studied yoga therapy with Susi Hately and plans on opening a counselling practice to guide others using the techniques that have been so valuable on her own healing journey. 


iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm

*starts Wednesday March 2

Stress is like an iceberg. We see 1/8th of it above the surface, but what about what we don’t see…what’s below? What do we experience? Fatigue? Insomnia? Digestive Issues? Head always on Swivel? Lack of Focus? What do others see? Overspending? Overindulging? Escaping? Irritability? Violence? What’s below the surface? Anger? Anxiety? Sadness? Frustration? Physical Pain? Disconnection? Guilt? Grief? Our bodies produce certain hormones in response to the experience of stress. These hormones, notably adrenaline and cortisol, trigger the body to produce more stress hormones. We can only operate in survival mode for so long. Unhealthy coping habits usually create long-term problems for ourselves. Our energy is consumed trying to manage the sometimes-overwhelming day-to-day occurrences of life while meeting the expectations of our families, jobs, others, and ourselves. Operating in survival mode, we can develop a variety of unhealthy ways of coping. Some of those ways may even seem helpful in the short term, but we find they cause more challenges for ourselves or others as we move forward. iRest offers a healthier option. A guided meditation practice for self-regulation and self-care, it is based in the physical body and provides lasting benefits to counteract the stresses of daily life. An iRest meditation practice provides another tool in the kit - empowering us to regulate and maintain our own health and wellness.


During this eight week course, participants will be guided in meditations focusing on the core concepts of iRest. iRest is a ten step process and each week we will work on specific steps of the meditation following a brief orientation and ending with debriefing and a question period. Readings will be provided in order for participants to deepen their understanding of each component of the practice. In addition, each session will be recorded and emailed to the participants, allowing them to practice at home as desired.



What is iRest?


- iRest is a body centered, guided meditation practice for self-regulation and care. 

- iRest is an evidence based healing modality useful for people of any cultural background or experience. 


What are the benefits? 


• Reduced depression, fear, and anxiety

• Reduced insomnia and levels of stress

• Reduced chronic and acute pain

• Greater ability to relax and enjoy life 

• Improved interpersonal relations

• Increased inner peace and well-being 


Why is it effective?


- iRest combines Eastern and Western practices into a practical and secular program for healing. It is derived from an ancient yogic meditation practice and has been developed over 45 years by clinical psychologist Richard Miller, PhD.

 -Practitioners are empowered to regulate their own nervous system and maintain their own health

 -A simple self-paced program offered in a group or individual setting which focuses on physical, psychological, and spiritual health.


The Research 


-Over 25 research studies have been completed utilizing iRest for healing PTSD, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and for enhancing resiliency and well-being. iRest is also being studied as a non-pharmacological alternative to drugs that are used to treat PTSD, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and sleep-related issues (published research is available at


Cost: $108 for 8 Class Pass

or Drop in: $15

Please note, iRest is taught as an 8 week course, however enrollment is revolving and students may join at any time.