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From a young age Emma has used fitness as a way to make sense of her mind and emotions, to feel free and release anxiety. From playing team sports, to weight lifting and running, she eventually dove into a dedicated Yoga practice where she discovered playfulness, joy and the trancelike state of movement. Emma learned that being active doesn't have to be painful and is meant to be fun!

Dealing with an injury, she then turned to Pilates to rebuild and heal. Today, Emma wishes to share her knowledge in order to help others on their journey to living pain free while finding joy in movement. 


Pilates Mat workTuesdays 8:30-9:30pm

*starts April 6th!

This low impact full body conditioning builds core stability, functional strength and flexibility. The Pilates principles of breath, concentration, centre, control, precision and flow are applied to each movement, which creates a heightened mind body connection. This system was designed to be applied to everyday life and soon you will notice more efficient ways of moving while benefiting from reduced stress, improved posture, coordination and mental focus. This class is a mix of contemporary and classical styles and is appropriate for beginners and more experienced practitioners. We will be using small props such as the Pilates magic circle, resistance bands, a 9’’ stability ball and 1 lbs weights. 

Cost: 5 class pass - $70

10 class pass - $130 

Drop in - $15

For more information or to pre-register please contact Emma directly at