Ashley is a yoga and creativity lover! It is her passion to share mindfulness and the power of breath through the practices and teachings of yoga, dance, art and creativity. She hopes to leave you with something that resonates with you to take off of your mat and into your daily life with a new sense of aliveness, intention and grounding!   

Ashley's offerings incorporate the use of creative tools and mindful techniques such as visual imagery, symbolism, mantras, mudras, intention/affirmation cards, journaling, painting and music. 

200hour YTT, Prenatal YTT, Yin YTT, Yoga in Schools YTT

Dance Instructor 

Artist B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed


PRENATAL YOGA - Sundays 6:15-7:15pm

Next session Nov 7 - Dec 19

Cost: $120 full session

Drop in : $20

Prenatal yoga will bring a deeper awareness and connection to your own body and your growing baby during the experience of pregnancy. There is a focus on proper breathing techniques to help promote relaxation and centering to support pregnancy and labor, and to foster a strong connection to the biggest tool in your pregnancy and labour journey; your breath.  Movement through prenatal postures will focus on building strength and endurance necessary for pregnancy and labor. Prenatal yoga can also offer other benefits, such as improved sleep during pregnancy, improved circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced fatigue, decreased lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath, provides opportunity for mom and baby to bond and is also a great open community and support system of other women while going through the journey of pregnancy. Each prenatal class will be anchored around an intention.


This offering will create new space for you in mind, body and soul and give you the opportunity to switch gears from "the doing" into "the feeling"; into being and body and the intuitive wisdom that you have as a Mamma on this journey. This class is time for you to connect inward with yourself and your baby.  


**Participants should consult with their health care/care provider(s) prior to taking prenatal yoga.


Please note there is no refund for registration once session is underway. For medical and emergency reasons, session fee can be transferred to another session available when arranged with instructor. 

**Please register directly with Ashley at or email her with any questions at  ​